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Indianapolis Wyndham Garden Hotel, Carmel, Indiana

In ten years, R.A. Yarling and Company has proudly completed over 400 projects for the hospitality industry in 20 states. We provide a wide range of services including managing the renovation of full and limited service hotels, large-scale maintenance projects and new project development.

Wyndham International, Inc.
Akron Radisson Inn, Fairlawn, Ohio
When this property needed assistance completing unfinished renovations, they contacted R.A. Yarling and Company. Using an assembled group of engineers, interior designers, contractors and procurement specialists, we began by carefully identifying the scope of work. Next, we developed a timeline that would expedite completion of the projects and minimize down time. In just under four months we managed total guest room and bathroom upgrades including new case goods for 128 rooms and a complete roof replacement.

Cleveland Hilton South Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio
When R.A. Yarling and Company was retained to assist with major interior design upgrades, the restaurant had an important request - that they be able to maintain hours of operation during the planned renovations. We began by reviewing bids, rewriting the scope of work and identifying a contractor who could complete the renovations between 12 Midnight and 5 a.m. allowing the restaurant to continue business-as-usual and open at 6 a.m. for breakfast patrons. In a mere six weeks, the project was completed in sections and every morning the restaurant was thoroughly cleaned and readied for business.

Indianapolis Wyndham Garden Hotel, Carmel, Indiana
R.A. Yarling and Company served as the owners' representative for this exterior facade replacement and interior guest room renovation project. It was imperative that the hotel remain open to the public during renovations, therefore we placed special attention on the safety of guests and visitors while replacing the entire facade on the guest room tower. R.A. Yarling and Company managed the project through successful completion - minimizing the impact on the hotel's day-to-day business operations.

Marriott International, Incorporated
As Marriott's past Director of Hotel Architecture, from 1985-1991, R.A. Yarling was solely responsible for providing guidelines, design documents and process/project management enhancement to ensure Marriott's corporate brand standards were followed after numerous acquisitions were made. Projects included full service hotel renovations in 36 states, new brand development and custom projects with an annual volume of $150 million a year.

Camelback Inn Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, Arizona
The natural, rugged, beauty of Scottsdale, Arizona was a perfect backdrop for this 26,000 square foot, four-star resort and spa located at the base of the Camelback Mountains. The challenge in developing this one of-a-kind respite was to develop the land without compromising its sacredness. After carefully evaluating the area from a topographic and historical perspective, we designed this $4 million dollar property to reflect the stark splendor of the surrounding environment while paying respect to the area’s rich architectural style.

Chicago Marriott O’Hare Airport, Chicago, Illinois
This popular, high-volume hotel adjacent to a major, metropolitan airport recognized that in such a competitive market, it was important to make necessary renovations and improvements. R.A. Yarling and Company’s highly skilled team of specialists upgraded guest rooms and supportive mechanical systems while coordinating with Marriott’s internal design department to make sure remodeling efforts met with corporate standards and guidelines.

St. Louis Marriott Airport, St. Louis, Missouri
R.A. Yarling and Company was retained to manage interior design and construction coordination for Marriott’s flagship restaurant located in a busy airport hotel. While managing the large-scale interior renovations project our team implemented Marriott’s internal corporate design standards, making sure that renovation efforts could be replicated easily in future projects.




“R.A. Yarling is passionate about his work. He provides exceptional follow up and does what he says he will, when he says he'll do it.”

Steve Burroughs, General Manager, Cleveland Westlake Holiday Inn


“R.A. Yarling and Company completed our projects with ease. I've been through renovations before that were difficult but working with such skilled, professional people, made all the difference in the world!”

Sandy Britton, General Manager, Akron Radisson Inn Hotel






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